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About Me

Understanding your business is what it’s all about



As a Google Trusted photographer living on the Central Coast of New South Wales, my focus is on taking pictures of workplaces, people at work and the products and services they provide. Although photography is an art, it has practical business applications which is the focus of Work Pics.

You, as a business owner / manager want your customers to find you. And when they do, showing your business at its best with Work Pics and a 360° virtual tour can help potential new customers know what you do. Work Pics shows them clear, simple pictures that help you tell your story.  Have a look at my portfolio for ideas on how you can have Work Pics work for you.


Work Pics is the result of many years of asking this simple question.

“So… what do you want people to see?”

My Experience

Below is a list of just a few industries where I’ve worked:

  • Retail
  • Corporate and financial services
  • Entertainment and hospitality venues
  • Marketing, advertising and business development
  • Training, education and self development
  • Tourism
  • and of course, commercial photography.

Simply put, you need to tell your story.

Contact Me
Work Pics, Central Coast NSW 2250
contact me at:
phone: 0424 357 118
ABN 18 740 532 972