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Thanks to great clients, I get to do something I love to do and provide a valuable service.

Some businesses think posting testimonials is a bit over the top. I think it’s a great way to highlight real, legitimate responses to the WorkPics360 experience.

Why not have a look at their virtual tour and see for yourself?

My husband & I took over a small business in Jan 2015. Unbeknownst to us when a new ABN is registered It shows on a site so the sales people for lots of different companies come knocking on your door. Iain & I thought it coincidental that the these people were coming right when we needed them. So we got taken for a ride signing up for contracts that we didn’t really need costing us lots of money.

When Marc came into our shop I thought OMG not another one (much wiser these days), once I actually listened to Marc I realise he could provide us with the one thing we have been trying to establish right from the start, even after paying a huge amount we still hadn’t achieved.

Marc has made things so easy for myself helping me step by step through setting up our pages, we are thrilled with the finished “look inside ” 360º virtual tour. The best part is it’s a one off fee that will help us generate so much more business.
Marc has given me advice to help me realise what I do need & what I don’t need, saving us quite a considerable amount of money. We wouldn’t hesitate giving Marc’s details to anyone of our colleagues. We are definitely huge fans.

Stacey Saillard

Owner, Bridge Mowers & Chainsaws, East Gosford NSW

Work Pics, Central Coast NSW 2250
contact me at:
phone: 0424 357 118
ABN 18 740 532 972